About D. L. Anderson

The Man Behind the Mission

D. L. Anderson is the CEO and Founder of D. L. Anderson Consulting: an IT/Business consulting firm located in Carmel, IN, a suburb of Indianapolis where D. L. does the majority of his work. D. L. specializes in offering custom solutions to help corporations achieve their portfolio, program, and project initiatives, and assisting both IT and business professionals in a wide variety of disciplines as they pursue their career goals.

With 15+ years of experience as a consultant in the field of information technology, working very closely with a vast range of business and IT executives, project stakeholders, and project teams spanning multiple industries, D. L. has taken all he has learned to develop a proven project management process which has allowed the majority of the projects he has managed end in success (on time, under budget, and delivering the full scope of the project).

Seeing as most of the professional (and personal) initiatives we take up can and should be considered as projects, D. L. effectively uses his process as a baseline—and he customizes his process to fit the unique goals of the project in order to manage each successfully.

His process, simply known as AEM™, stands for Associate, Educate, and Motivate. It is designed to guide individuals down the path where they unleash their maximum potential and consistently operate at a high level of excellence.

This is an amazing experience to behold at the individual level, but an even more amazing experience at the project team level—which is why D. L. continues to serve primarily in the role of senior project manager and sees himself in this role for many years to come.

The reason why I love being a project manager is because I have experienced more degrees of fulfillment, reward, purpose, and excellence coaching and mentoring project teams than any other role I’ve had the privilege to serve in. This is true even though the challenge associated with leading a team of diverse individuals and getting them to consistently put for their best effort to achieve the singular goal of success is extremely high.

For this cause, my mission is to help corporate leaders, project stakeholders, and project teams run successful projects—because when you have the right people and the right process, success transforms itself from a possibility into an inevitability…

In fulfilling his mission, D. L. offers consulting, mentoring, training, and coaching services.


D. L. specializes in providing project management services to corporations and non-profit organizations. He has had the opportunity to work with multiple Fortune 500 companies as well as many large and small non-profit groups. In his career, D. L. has managed over 100 projects and over 70% of them have ended successfully.


D. L. specializes in providing mentoring services to individuals who desire to excel in their role as project manager. His process focuses more on the art of project management as it is not only more critical to team excellence than the science; there is less attention given to the art of project management—and this is 1 of the primary reasons why many projects do not succeed. Notwithstanding, D. L. also provides mentoring on the science of project management as well, borrowing heavily from PMBOK.


D. L. specializes in running custom workshops and programs designed to improve team performance using his AEM Methodology™. By effectively conducting tailored workshops and programs, D. L. provides project teams with the tools they need to consistently operate at a high level of excellence in order to achieve their goals.


D. L. specializes in providing individual and group coaching designed to improve team performance and ensure a high level of performance is maintained. This is crucial because, in the words of Marshall Goldsmith, “What got you here won’t get you there…” Therefore, it is important for project teams to receive some level of coaching to ensure success does not become a fluke; rather, it becomes a new norm.


Whether consulting, mentoring, training, or coaching, D. L. utilizes a uniquely personable approach in each engagement, endearing himself to individuals at every level of the organization, and is motivated by a sincere desire to help men and women realize their full potential in both their professional and personal lives.

This desire underlines the breadth of all his services and is what motivates him to operate at the highest level of excellence in his professional (and personal) life, and share the benefits of such a profound commitment with everyone he is blessed to meet.

There is no problem which can not be solved, no goal which can not be reached, as long as you enlist capable individuals who make success their purpose and excellence their aim.

D. L. Anderson, PMP, CSM
CEO and Founder of D. L. Anderson Consulting
Consultant. Mentor. Trainer. Coach.